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Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Nice and funny videos

Just got this from My Youtube surfing

Daily Show - Who The Fuck Are You

Bill Gates on the Daily Show

UK Apple Get a Mac Ad : Virus

Get a Mac UK - Tentacle

Windows Vista Launch

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Support My Life

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A. To cover costs associated with running Chewontech.com.

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A. No.

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A. Yes, your information is very safe. Chew Jek Hui personally accepts and processes all donations.

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Monday, 29 January 2007

Class com meeting

Hi everyone, sry about the two tech posts previously, I did not noe what to put so I put some tech staff. Today, the class com had a meeting and we NEED a Class Slogan ASAP .


WOW so surprising lor Part A intake this year ROCKS men, 22 people came and that is like more then Part B and C combined. Part B n C damn embarrassing lor. Their drills are up to standard for the Part A as they are new comers. But the only thing that we can question is that would the standard remain after Sir Kelvin or Andy do not come for a few parades.

Saturday, 27 January 2007

Anyone wanting to buy Vista

Hi everyone, Windows Vista is coming out and what r your comments about it? Windows Vista min specs are as followed

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Friday, 26 January 2007

Another Video again

Wow another video of the English teacher. This was filmed by MZ from his mother's N6280
phone. Nicole so scared of her still hiding her MP3 after she allow GT to use the HP. Then TY and WB using CK's MP3 to listen to songs, she don't even care. She is a great teacher but the prob is that she nags and talks to softly and does not take jokes

The side view of her in the class
The Video

Thursday, 25 January 2007

Recovery Day

Hi everyone, I noe that some of you might be pissed off because I placed Tech stuff in the earlier post, sry about that.

Anyway, I was sick yesterday and today I am on my way to recovery when I had insider news that SY fell sick and I am quite sure that the news is Fake as people say that she is not sick What stupid and bad news Noel gave.
Then tmr still got parade, sick of it la Wednesday already have for Part B and tmr still must have the wonder people say NCC Land is damn tiring one lor. But I hope there is a change of plans for Part B after they reading my blog.

My Dream PC

Sry talk a bit of tech here but not so chim now. My dream pc would be this Dell PC man!!! This PC is quad core which means it is a pure horsepower

Processor : Intel® Core™2 Extreme QX6700 (8MB,3.2GHz Factory overclocked)
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CD :
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Microsoft - Flight Simulator X Standard
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Price : $5,760!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is freaking ex man but the specs are good so maybe worth buying

Tuesday, 23 January 2007


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Monday, 22 January 2007

The English Teacher

WOW today is a funny and interesting day. We had lots of fun and chaos in the English class. MZ, GT,me ate chewing gum in front of her and she did not notice it. Then GT took her handphone and started taking a video of the old women from different angles and we gave her nickname called "Act cute but not cute teacher".

Mandy and MZ started playing songs loudly but the old hag did not even hear it, she is totally deaf one lol. MZ even played the aeroplane ringtone and stood beside her and she still did not notice anything. And the old teacher wears her specs like some kind of tooot, people is pants low she is specs low.

Sitting arrangement

Since everyone is not happy with the sitting arrangement, you can tell Mrs Peters about it. Dione the ass, has drawn the entire thing on the white board but just ignore her. She plan whatever she wants and even the class com is not really happy about it. You think the class would like it ? I think NO!!!!

Thursday, 18 January 2007

Class chaos

OMG today was suppose to be the official day which we kick start the class seating arrangement. But somehow or another, many people are not v happy about the seating arrangement. Thus the seating arrangement was like shit today. But I still like the seating today's arrangement.

U noe why some of the people r fed up with the seating arrangements because Dione is the mastermind of the entire thing. She would DEFINITELY slide the girls and would put the seating arrangement in favor of the girls. Thus the boys are seating at places that they do not like. Hacks la so sad that the girls r the dominating ones in the class so too bad 4 us.

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Class Committee meeting

Hi everyone, we had our Class Committee meeting today, we talked about lots of things like Class sitting arrangement, notice board, Class gathering, Class Fund, the noisy English class and many more.

First about the sitting arrangement, we decided to have the previous Mr Foo Chee Yuan's classroom sitting arrangement. Three people per row and the class is divided into three sections and in each section have 4 rows. Don't understand? NVM U will noe when the class sitting is arranged tmr.

Second is the notice board. Mrs Peters want us to decorate the notice board with anything that we want BUT NO dirty stuff pls!!!

Third is the Class gathering, Mrs Peter say that we can have our class gathering either on valentine day or Chinese New Year. (Notice This is a joke Do not take it seriously) I prefer it to be held on the valentine day so that I can invite SY to the Class gathering as a friend and propose to her. :) (JK) So which date do you want the class gathering to be held? type your choice in the CBox and I will tell Wen Bin 4 u.

Next is the Class Fund. Mrs Peters say that all of you contribute $2 per month, is that OK with all of you? Price is negotiable.

And finally the noisy English Class. Priseilla is so brave man!!! She stood up and say that the class is noisy because the class could not hear her and then lost interest in the subject thus everyone start talking. This is quite true, Mrs Peters would encourage her to use the microphone in the future or she have to swallow a microphone like me so that her voice is louder and more clear.

Funny Day today!!

The class is so funny today also, Noel and I have been talking about the song" I Want To F*** U" by Akon. The part of the lyrics goes like that: ( Notice I only take the Nice parts not the entire song.)

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[Verse 2: Snoop]
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[Verse 3: Plies]
Let me fill u up wit liquor and fuck it out cha,
lay u flat on ur back and get tht noise out ya,
feel it in ya stomach tearin tht back up out cha
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[Verse 4: Plies]
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[Verse 5: Akon]
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[Verse 6: Snoop]
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[Chorus x2]

[Akon:] Girl...

Sunday, 14 January 2007

CCA day

OMG the CCA day was fun and cool. The Guides helped us to get Sec 1 Ncc Landers. Especially Shi Ying, don't noe her but I noe her as my senior. She passed me a Sec 1 boy to me and I was walking past her. She talked to me in so cute voice, she is so cute and pretty. Got to thank them for the great help in getting people in Ncc land.

The UG march was cool too, all the UG pupils were so organized but the damn Volleyball people so extra come and add on and make the march so sucky.

As for the intake, I think that 20 people as intake for 2007 for UG is like so little. Just Imagine, Sec 1 intake for 2006 was 25 (I think so) and the number of people attending it was like 12 for school days and for the school holidays the worst attendance can be like me alone. :( Bloody hell Part B cadets always don' come and only come for test. anyway I cannot control them they don't come not my damn problem. Ask them to come so many times they don't listen so what can the specs do also. The attendence like shit and if this continue Mrs How would seriously wound up our damn CCA as she warned us already.

And Finally Sir Kelvin say that he would be gone for something for three months and that is great news for some and bad news to others. And anyway when are we going to get our promotion rank?

Hi everyone

Hi everyone I am Chew Jek Hui. I know that all of
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Saturday, 13 January 2007

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Monday, 8 January 2007

Boston Lawyer

Today I am going to review a website that is mostly catered to the people in Boston. No worries, people whom are not from Boston still can read this review.

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Thursday, 4 January 2007

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