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Saturday, 13 January 2007

Ad space

Hi, if you wish to advertise on my website, here are the advertisement rates

We are happy to report top search engine result in Google,

#1 in Google search for 'Chewontech'

3500 visitors per month

Alexa Ranking- 844,682

Technorati Ranking- 189,138

Here are some options to advertise on My Life

Option 1
Text Links
$5/per link

Option 2
Writing a post about your website
$10 per post

Option 3
Banner ads

125 X 125 Button: $20 per month
468 X 60 Top Banner: $30 per month
468 X 60 Bottom Banner: $40 per month

Email me at chew_jek_hui@chewontech.com . Price are negotiable

Today’s marketing is all about internet marketing. There are a number of ways to market a brand online. The first method can be through email marketing where the advertisement is sent to the consumer’s email address. The second is through link exchange where the advertisement is sent to the members. Third is the pay per click advertising where for every click that a viewer does, the advertiser is paid. Fourth is Google’s adsense marketing where the ad is placed on different websites through Google. Fifth is another way specialized by Google is the search advertising method where ads are placed on the website that correspond to the viewers search. Then there are also pay per click and other various internet marketing information which is available online. All of these help in creating internet marketing solutions for the advertiser.

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