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Sunday, 14 January 2007

CCA day

OMG the CCA day was fun and cool. The Guides helped us to get Sec 1 Ncc Landers. Especially Shi Ying, don't noe her but I noe her as my senior. She passed me a Sec 1 boy to me and I was walking past her. She talked to me in so cute voice, she is so cute and pretty. Got to thank them for the great help in getting people in Ncc land.

The UG march was cool too, all the UG pupils were so organized but the damn Volleyball people so extra come and add on and make the march so sucky.

As for the intake, I think that 20 people as intake for 2007 for UG is like so little. Just Imagine, Sec 1 intake for 2006 was 25 (I think so) and the number of people attending it was like 12 for school days and for the school holidays the worst attendance can be like me alone. :( Bloody hell Part B cadets always don' come and only come for test. anyway I cannot control them they don't come not my damn problem. Ask them to come so many times they don't listen so what can the specs do also. The attendence like shit and if this continue Mrs How would seriously wound up our damn CCA as she warned us already.

And Finally Sir Kelvin say that he would be gone for something for three months and that is great news for some and bad news to others. And anyway when are we going to get our promotion rank?

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