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Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Class Committee meeting

Hi everyone, we had our Class Committee meeting today, we talked about lots of things like Class sitting arrangement, notice board, Class gathering, Class Fund, the noisy English class and many more.

First about the sitting arrangement, we decided to have the previous Mr Foo Chee Yuan's classroom sitting arrangement. Three people per row and the class is divided into three sections and in each section have 4 rows. Don't understand? NVM U will noe when the class sitting is arranged tmr.

Second is the notice board. Mrs Peters want us to decorate the notice board with anything that we want BUT NO dirty stuff pls!!!

Third is the Class gathering, Mrs Peter say that we can have our class gathering either on valentine day or Chinese New Year. (Notice This is a joke Do not take it seriously) I prefer it to be held on the valentine day so that I can invite SY to the Class gathering as a friend and propose to her. :) (JK) So which date do you want the class gathering to be held? type your choice in the CBox and I will tell Wen Bin 4 u.

Next is the Class Fund. Mrs Peters say that all of you contribute $2 per month, is that OK with all of you? Price is negotiable.

And finally the noisy English Class. Priseilla is so brave man!!! She stood up and say that the class is noisy because the class could not hear her and then lost interest in the subject thus everyone start talking. This is quite true, Mrs Peters would encourage her to use the microphone in the future or she have to swallow a microphone like me so that her voice is louder and more clear.

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