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Saturday, 27 January 2007


Dear all website publishers and website owners, here is an way to make your website stand out from others. It is a way to gain some attraction in the online world.It is something called website directory submission. It is a service provided by some websites for you to submit your website in their website directory so that people in the world can find your website using their directory. This is the website I recommend you to submit your website to.

web directory

This is the website that I had submitted website to before. But the website is not very up yet, it only has a few websites in a few cag. with some cags with no websites in them totally. The main problem I foresee and I hope they improve on is the fees that are associated with having to submit your website to their directory. It is an hefty $5 for standard listing and a hefty $10 for Express Listings. Ok, lets talk about the benefits of the express listing.

The difference between Express Listing and Standard Listing

The main difference between the express and standard listing is that they provide a better service for you when you apply for an express listing instead of the standard listing. Your link would be approved in 3-7 days and your link would be below the express listing if you apply for the standard listing. However, if you apply for express listing, your link would be approved by 22-24 hours which is quite fast and your link would be on top of all other links. In both cases, if your link is not approved, your money would be fully refunded.

They have an list if rules before your link can be approved, so look carefully through it before you submit it to them.


They also feature articles from different websites. They also include the website link and the Pr of their website. There are some interesting articles for some of you to read. check it out.

All right, shall end of here, check them out.

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