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Friday, 16 February 2007

Getting fooled by MZ

I was totally fooled by MZ although I already noe that he is lying to me and ganging up with NJ to make it look more real. I am blinded by love that was why I was tricked so easily. NVM forgive MZ, he is forever lying to me about things about SY.


Today damn bloody fucked up la, the stupid chang talk for a bloody 30 mins making a bloody lame excuse saying that he has a low tolerations for noise. What the FUCK la waste my 30 mins, I would have already reached my primary school already la.

I met so many primary school friend in my primary school but could not see the teachers because they were at the staff room and noone was allowed to enter. Damn it la!!! Go to the primary school is of course go and see teacher and then we are not allowed to see them, what the hell lor!!!

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