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Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Just back from NCC camp feast

Just came back from the Ncc Camp and it was so tiring due to the hot weather at the beginning and the unluckily bad weather when we were having fun activities.

Day 1

Day 1 so fucked up, NCC Landers were all caught for not bring the damn thermometer. Then the PE teacher came nagging and discriminate us. She say don't noe what NCC land so good discipline why never bring the thermometer, everytime must criticize the UG. SY also say that she criticize the GG also. She is siao one la. This has set us back for a good 2 hours or more making us skip the icebreakers and getting a good scolding from our Sirs.

We were brought to our room and put down our bags and reported to the Sir in charge of our group. I was Group 1, or known as romeo 1. We played some games. Then we had so activities like FlyFox, archery, paintball. Our first station was the flying fox thing. I was chosen for the doing the pushing of the trolley. Then it was my turn and I climbed up the high structure. When I looked down, it was scary, but I decided to take the challenge. When I was at the top, looking down was scary, but I jumped together with my friend at the same time so that it was less scary. Then you drop freefall down, the rope will pull your up suddenly and it made you very jerked after your thoughts were cleared. After my turn, the rain came and the people behind me could not jump :( so sad. After that, it continued raining for hours and we played games in the shelter. The Sirs were giving instruction but I was so tired that I was sleeping on the spot. After that we ate our dinner and prepared for our camp feast night. We performed a skit and we had jokes like the Ah Pei's clap and the Sexy clap.

Then we were given our free time until 11 pm. I bathed and changed to my home clothes and talked to my friend.

Day 2

We had rope repelling and Rock climbing and then we went home after the clean up and certificates giving

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