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Sunday, 11 February 2007

So sad I missed the party and the fun

Yesterday was the class party and heard from a lot of people i had missed the fun and i would regret it. I did not noe what did I regretted until MZ called me today and told me that he saw SY yesterday and she dropped by the party and I could have met her :( so sad that I missed the great chance man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( Hey MZ Bluff me you think I so stupid la but I will just imagine she went.

But the thing is if fate really brings us together, we would meet again soon. I also hope that the day would come asap. It is just so difficult la, either skip tuition or go for the party. But I can see her every week if I go to the same tuition as her. WOW that would be great man seeing her every week. The best is that it is on a weekend morning and coming back myself so that I can go out with her and go home as late as I want. But a bit of impossible as she would be taking a higher standard and the timing might be different unless I study a higher standard one la. My entire weekend is so busy lor, even if I finish my homework, still have to revise and then still have tuition at AMK, so far away from my home.

I heard she had something to tell GT so she dropped by. Next time, whenever GT go to any party, I would go as GT and SY in GG so SY might drop by

Anyway end here, wishing everyone a Happy Valentine Day and a Happy Chinese New Year. Still cracking my mind what to buy for SY for Valentine Day. Anyway I would not post during CNY

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