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Wednesday, 14 February 2007


Today nothing happened much but I am going to talk about yesterday and tmr


Yesterday, Nicole and Mandy splash water at me making me damn bloody wet. But I took my revenge by splashing back luckily Mr Pon did not see anything. But he spotted Nicole and Mandy splashing it so too bad, their name were written down on the Class Diary. I think that Mr Pon was in a bad mood lor, he normally also not like that one lor.

During PE, the Mr NEO ask us to sit on the grass that stink of dog poo. I think Beatty no money so use dog poo found on roadsides and fertilizer the grass thus making the grass stinking of that. Asking us to do long jump like we were interested in his BORING lesson like that. He is damn bloody boring la giving 99% of the bloody time for theory and hardly no practical.


Today nothing much happen only the girls getting to emotional about charlene's leave and noone cried for Vicky. Anyway nothing to cry about lor.


Tiring day ahead need to wear No.4 to school and the canteen only selling porridge how to eat full u tell me. I am bring my own bread that is final

BTW anyone went out with their valentine? Happy Chinese new year everyone!!!

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