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Thursday, 15 February 2007

Stupid MZ

Damn bloody bastard la MZ must spread rumors about me flirting when it is not true. He says that I like 4 girls bloody hell fucker. I noe why he is doing this because he have nothing to do every time pick new people to criticize or talk about. What a men that gossips!! No should say that he is a women that gossips a lot!!! To confirm to SY again, I would only like SY one girl only no matter what!!


Today all the UG wore full uniform to school and Noel kept telling me that SY look damn cute like he is the one that like SY. NCC Land only have Part C and D in the front while we were at the back so sad lor. I think it is due to our lousy drills but anyway they have to have us next year no matter how lousy our drills are.

Chinese New Year

Maybe I would not update during Chinese New Year

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