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Friday, 23 February 2007

This whole post is for vicky

So sad, one of my best friend Vicky is leaving. The best friend ever in Beatty Sec have left me!!! WHY??? NVM it is his decision so I respect his decision. But the question is: Is Singapore not worth staying for?

A Walk though

This is a walk though of how he became my friend and close we were. The first person that talked to me was him and I could remember the Question he asked me was: Is this 1E3? pointing to the people sitting in a row. After that, we chatted together and clicked very while. I found out that he was from Townville Pri School and PSLE score I forgot. :(

Then we picked up Noel as another friend and then followed by Geng Zhen. Our relationship with Geng Zhen soured when we were having an science project and the teacher was Mr Tee. He did not do his part by completing his worksheet in time although we had the answers prepared for him.

Then he was not our friend anymore, not only due to the project work but also some other problems. And so it was Vicky, me and Noel the three buddies

Then the sad news broke out!!!

Then I think when I was Sec 2, he told me that he was leaving for Australia. This is because his mother wanted to go to Australia as the life there is more relaxing. I felt sad but could not do anything so I brought him a diary and gave him pen and a keychain.

Means of contacting him

There are still means of contacting him if you want. He has a blog at http://vickykumar211.blogspot.com/ . He have not updated it, saying that he have some problems with it. His HP No. is 81274978.

Happy Journey Vicky!!!

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