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Thursday, 22 March 2007

Back from the Sec 2 camp

Just back from the Sec 2 "Confidence" Camp. It was tiring and very dirty.

Day 1

Day 1, we arrived in the school with our camp bags and sleeping bags. I did not bother to bring my sleeping bag as I could sleep on the ground. We assembled and did our usual morning stuff before we set off for our camp.

When we reached the campsite, we were greeted by our camp IC of our group, Azie and Gabie. Then Gabie introduced Azie's boyfriend, Wayne. We put our things in the bunk. The bunk had no beds and we were sleeping on wooden floor.

We had our lunch after deciding our group name to be Wayne because of Azie's boyfriend. The lunch was not say very nice and we were underfed. NO second serving thus we were forced to take as much as we wanted.

After lunch, we had Flying Fox. The Flying Fox was not very scary as it was only three storeys. The instructor in charge was very fierce, she asked me to step up on a platform in such a tone liked I owned her something like that. They had a seat underneath and a rope to hold on to during the way down. This is not as fun as the Flying Fox that I had during the campfeast. The fun in Flying Fox is when you jump, the rope will suddenly pull you up. But the seat underneath made the ride go so smooth that it was just like being pushed by a trolley. We then had the general station. We did the Long finger station. We were suppose to take out two tires out of a very tall pole. We had a few scolding and another group joining us before we managed to lift up and put back one tire.

During the night walk, we were walked into the forest and were asked to walk back on our own. The plants there were gross, it kept me itching until I bathed.

We had our dinner and bathed before we went to sleep. The toilet was very sandy. When we slept, the noisy plane kept flying pass every 5 mins. We talked all the way until 1 AM. I slept well even without the sleeping bag.

Day 2

We had kaying in the starting of the day. We were full of seawater and sand after the life jacket test. We were the only three people team in a small kayak. We were also the first to sink. After that, we had some water activities before we went on sea. Then Nicole did something that was disgusting. I do not want to say but she is a bit of shameless. Doing such a thing in front of everyone. After that we had our bath and ate our lunch.

We had Rock Climbing and some High element after Lunch.

We had the campfire in the hall as it rained heavily.

Day 3

On Day 3, we did our spring cleaning and packed up and went home.

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