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Wednesday, 14 March 2007

NCC Annual Camp

Wow, this is the first time that the camp was so tough. The Campfeast was the most fun and the most slacking one. I really appreciate the campfeast.

NCC Land Annual Camp is one of the toughest camp in the entire year and it lives up to it's name. First, we separated into bunks and placed our things in the room. The first day was the day when they tired us out. We had so many push up during PT and I could not sleep well during the first night because of the table. Maybe not used to it. The first night supper was the best, biscuits and the amount of biscuit is like only two piece per person. We also had to recycle our cups. The cooking of the food was so tiring. By the time I finished cooking, I was so tired even to eat but I managed to cook two packets of maggi noodles for myself. The making of the fire was so long, I think about 30 mins.

The second day of camp was a more interesting and a bit of slacking day. We did PT early in the morning as usual and changed to PT kit and shoes to get ready for the dragon boat activity. We had the dragon boat thing at Kallang river. The boat was a old type of boat so it required some part of paddling. We were the first team to be out in the river and we were also the first team to slash water at boats that passed by. We even managed to splash the specs.

We had some fun until the specs' boat capsized. I heard that they swing too much and one side of the boat went down the water and the boat just started sinking. They jumped aboard our boats while the coaches drained out the water from the boat.

After that, we had dinner before the campfire. The campfire was a disappointing one due to the rain. So sad:( The guides were very hypo, they sang the camp songs and shouted throughout the camp. Especially SY's team of friends.

I also had sentry duty and took a nap from 11pm to 12 pm. We also slept when we were there. I had to from 12am to 2am. I slept on the floor of the side gate and only waking up when the specs came.

The third day was ok. Senior Jun Khiang gave NCC landers intense PT. The intense PT consisted of hurdles and carrying of chairs. Finally, we part B have a lance corporal rank.

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