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Thursday, 8 March 2007

What the FUCK MEN!!!!!!

Don't noe the loan shark is blind or what, but they are a bunch of fuckers that take people money and then threaten innocent people like me. Don't noe why our house is targeted lor.

The bloody fucking loanshark wrote O$P$ Teh Chor Ming. Don't noe what they will do men, don't tell me like what is in the newspaper lor, pig head red paint and the worst nightmare lock u out. But u see the loan shark so stupid one la, spend money to chase for debts what if the people who own the money don't pay how? Waste their fucking money on the paint and pig head.

As what I predicted, I did not had such enjoying days during my life without having a sad incident ever!!! When I had so happy days, I was ready for something bad. God has never gave me such a smooth days of life before.

Sorry for being so vulgar but i am damn fucked up la, though can have a pleasant holiday, now have to fear whether they would harm us for no reason.

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