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Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Yeh our class is getting bad to worse

Yeh I agree with MZ that our class is getting terrible. I don't noe why somehow when we shifted to our new classroom, we have also became damn naughty. Previously not so bad. Maybe under the influence of the normal tech class there?

And our art teacher always pick on me one la. I only laugh when CK told me a joke and then he say I talked. NVM la everytime art lesson he also pick me, I am already used to it.

The Geo test was a bit of tough. The whole exam paper was so long that i was still writing when left 3 mins. Luckily I managed to complete the exam paper. Why did the teacher set the Exam until we could not have time to rest after doing. I think everyone felt that the Geo paper was a bit tough and a lot of people did not manage to complete it. Even NJ( the Geek God) did not finish the paper.

And finally my blog hit the 9000 mark

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