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Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Paid Post

Hi everyone, here is a paid post about Pingo.

About Pingo

Pingo is a company that sells prepaid card and charges very low rate for international calls. What a great service. Their website is http://www.pingo.com/en/home.do. Hey wait let me check out the website now.
cheap calling cards


Before you signup, Pingo gives you free US$5 credit. Not Bad, can try out their service before paying for anything.

Calling rates

The calling rates are as cheap as Skype. It only costs $0.03 per minute to call to Bangkok and only like $0.04 per minute for a call to Japen. Rates are very cheap as compared to landline or mobile phones. You can even call Iraq from USA. The calling rate is 13.5 cents per minute.

cheap calling cards

The business rates

With Pingo Business you can create "sub accounts" for employees or family members and manage them from a single master account. You get the simplicity of a prepaid calling card, plus the control of a centrally managed solution.

Referral and Affiliates

The referral rate for this company is US$5 per person and the rate is the same for Affiliates. But one thing I want to complain is that they cannot convert the referral cash into Cool hard cash.

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