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Saturday, 30 June 2007


I am going to review this website that is for the movie clip that is coming out on the 17 August. Please note that you have to be above 18 and above to continue reading or visiting the website. I strongly encourage people who are under 18 to leave now as they might get offended.

This movie is created by both Columbia pictures and Sony pictures. I saw the trailers and it is very offensive for people under 18. If you really want to watch it, please ask your parent's consent. One thing that Sony did was very good. It required you to register and although it is easy to bypass that, as least they put a preventive measure.

Sony also allowed you to book your tickets at their website http://www.AreYouSuperbad.com. You can also download ringtones and wallpaper from their website. Look at their short clips of the movie at their website Superbad


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