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Sunday, 17 June 2007

Why I love Payperpost!!!!

I love Payperpost. Why do I love it? The reason is simple, they pay me more then what another websites pay me. They paid me $10 for doing the post " PayPerPost Direct". It is a new feature that PayPerPost introduced. With this website, I had earned $20 just doing reviews about a hotel, website or a tuition website.


As for payment, they allowed me to transfer the funds to my Paypal account. It is a very simple and effortless way to get paid. I had a paypal account and this feature ensures that they do not need to spend money to send you the money to your address.

How long I had signed on to the service

I had signed up for the service just 17 days ago and I had earned $20.00 by blogging about three websites and had recently donated $5.00 to HFH. I love the feature that I use to donate money to charity. It is a drop button which you can choose not to donate or you can choose to donate to American Red Cross or HFH. I had been doing this to pay off my domain name that I am about to buy.

Sing up now at here!!!!

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