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Friday, 13 July 2007

Count your Calorie

calorie counter

I just found this fantastic website that allows you to count your calories. With more and more people eating more and getting more and more fat this days. Tired of counting your calories everyday, use this website to count the calories every now and then. But the problem is that you had to register your own account before you could count your calories. But do remember that all registration is completely free. I think that they want you to register because they want to make it seamless to check your calories next time you login. But if they could let me count my calories without registration, it is much simpler.
free calorie counter

There is also a free newsletter that delivers Dieting tips, recipes, fitness advice and more into your mail box.

You can also count the number of calories that you eat when you eat a particular food. This does not require registration. Great feature.

You can also count the amount of calories burned by certain exercise.

Check them out calorie counting

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