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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

IBackup - Online Storage

There are lots of people whom I know that does not backup their data at home. Maybe up to 8 out of 10 people do not backup their data. But what is better then an online backup. You can access your file from everywhere you are. The file is hosted on their servers and you can access your file from anywhere.

They have two services that they provide. They provide one plan for the business users and another plan for the home users. The plan Online Backup is for business people and people who wants to backup their data. They charge a fraction of all the cost. The other plan is the Online Storage provides an extensive enterprise-ready feature-set for secure online storage with superior performance including Snapshots, Network Drive, Sharing, Collaboration, Sub-Accounts, WebFolders and Mobile Access. IBackup is the most recommended and used online storage and backup provider.

online storage

They also provide the remote office service that allows you to securely access your Internet enabled office or home computer, from any location, in a few seconds, without lengthy applet downloads! They also provide this service to business users. It offers a 25-100 host computers solution for a single account to address the needs of Small Business users. Remote Data allows you to access your e-mail, data and pictures from anywhere using a browser. Share data with friends and partners. Convert your PC to an online storage without having to upload!

About them

IBackup is a service of Pro Softnet Corporation, an ASP and Internet Solutions Provider based in Woodland Hills, CA. Since its inception in 1995, Pro Softnet Corp. has been harnessing the power of Information Technology by providing Internet based solutions and customized Internet Software solutions for many Fortune 100 companies.

IBackup is a leading online storage and backup provider giving you an open, highly customizable secure online backup, online storage, access and data sharing solution with several possible interfaces and options to backup, retrieve and manipulate data. No other storage/ backup provider offers the flexibility that IBackup has in terms of its products and services. These features make IBackup the most recommended and used backup/storage service. Leading global corporations, business houses and individual consumers use IBackup for their backup/storage needs.

Their Awards

IBackup has won many awards including the 'Webuser Gold Award’ awarded by UK's best-selling internet magazine, 'PC Magazine Editor's Choice' and was the 'favorite backup service' for PCWorld Magazine when they profiled 17 similar services.Their pricing

Their pricing on the hosting plans are below. The sad part is that they only provide free hosting plans that last 15 days. There are limits imposed on sharing features, number of logins per day and total bandwidth usage. Trial Accounts are intended for the purpose of showcasing all the features, but with limited scope.
Economy plans
They are designed for large amounts of usable storage at least price. Supports online storage, sharing, collaboration and backup.

Usable Storage Space Snapshots*
Monthly Rate Yearly Rate Sub-Accounts
5GB NA $9.95 $99.50 On Demand+
10GB NA $19.95 $199.50 On Demand+
50GB NA $49.95 $499.50 On Demand+
100GB NA $99.95 $999.50 On Demand+
200GB NA $199.95 $1999.50 On Demand+
300GB NA $299.95 $2999.50 On Demand+

Enhanced backup plans
They are designed for efficient backup and restore process of desktops, laptops and servers. Support Snapshots for historical view of data. There is no support for sharing.

Usable Storage Space


Monthly Rate Yearly Rate Sub-Accounts
5GB $14.95 $149.50 On Demand+
15GB $34.95 $349.50 On Demand+
50GB $99.95 $999.50 On Demand+
100GB $199.95 $1999.50 5
200GB $399.95 $3999.50 10
300GB $599.95 $5999.50 10
Workgroup plans
These plans are designed for Online Storage, Collaboration, Sharing and Backup for a Small Business Network. Support Snapshots for historical view. Sub-Accounts are like 'Seats' and are in addition to the main Administrator Account.

Usable Storage Space Snapshots*
Monthly Rate Yearly Rate Sub-Accounts
1GB $20 $216 3
2GB $30 $324 5
5GB $75 $750 25
10GB $150 $1500 50
20GB $300 $3000 100
50GB $100 $1000 5
100GB $200 $2000 5
200GB $400 $4000 10

Browser based and downloadable applications

They also provide both browser based and downloadable applications that you can download and use it to upload your files. All the files and data are encrypted with 128 bit SSL encryption. IBackup has both browser based and downloadable applications for Windows, Linux/ Unix and Mac platforms.

They also have a application that supports Mac computers. The application is called IDrive. It is an excellent desktop interface for working with your IBackup account and Mac. Features copy-n-paste, drag and drop, direct editing and more!

They also have a application for Linux users. It is called IBackup for Linux/Unix. It schedules unattended offsite backups for Linux, Solaris and other Unix flavors with encryption, compression and incremental options.

How they protect your data physically on their servers

They provides the physical environment necessary to keep the servers up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These world-class facilities are custom designed with raised floors, HVAC temperature control systems with separate cooling zones, and seismically braced racks. They offer the widest range of physical security features, including state-of-the-art smoke detection and fire suppression systems, motion sensors, and 24x7 secured access, as well as video camera surveillance and security breach alarms.


The fastest way to find hundreds of answers to your technical questions is to search our online Knowledge Base, which is located at our FAQ. Inquiries are handled in the order in which they are received and we do our best to reply promptly during regular business hours.

For Sales and Billing Support: 1-800-949-3555 ext 114 ( Monday thru Friday, 6-00 AM to Midnight PST ) from within USA or
1-818-594-5972 ext 114 from outside USA. You may also use the form below to send us your billing inquiries, or use the Live Chat Support (Available for most part of 24 * 7). If you are unable to reach this line for any reason, please try the Technical Support Line for sales/billing support.

For Technical Support: 1-800-949-3555 ext 117 (Monday thru Friday, 6-00 AM to Midnight PST) from within USA or 1-818-594-5972 ext 117 from outside USA , or complete the form below. You may also use the Live Chat Support ( Available for most part of 24 * 7). Email support is available for most part of 24 * 7. If you are unable to reach this line for any reason, please try the Sales and Billing Support Line for technical support.


The IBackup Partner Program allows authorized resellers of IBackup's products and services to profit from their recommendations of our on-line storage and recovery solutions.

They welcome companies providing the highest standards in customer service and solutions to join.

Since many of our partners have different needs, IBackup has distinctly diverse approaches to meet these requirements: our Referral Partnership or Bulk Reseller Partnership.

Call 1-800-949-3555 ext 114 for more details about their partnership program.

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