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Saturday, 14 July 2007

Make money selling sunglasses

Love to wear sunglasses? But you love to sell it even more? ctswholesalesunglasses can help you. They sell you lots of sunglasses at wholesale cheap price that cannot be found elsewhere. They hold many brands and sell many kinds of sunglasses.

There is a booming market in the replica sunglasses marketplace. Everybody wants to look smart and wear designer sunglasses from the leading brands. When you offer a replica sunglass at a vast discount compared to the reputed brands, you can easily get tons of sale and make large profits from that!Sunglasses

Some examples of very cheap sunglasses. They are currently selling 12 sunglasses for 10 bucks that is like less then 1 buck per sunglasses. More cool sunglasses like the DE Designer Eyewear # DE20 costs only 26.00 for 12 at wholesale prices. They also carry the following brands.

• Adidas
• Anarchy
• Armani
• Arnette
• Aviators
• Black Fly's
• Bolle
• Brighton
• Calvin Klein
• Cartier
• Chanel
• Chopper
• Christian Dior
• Coach
• Diesel
• Dolce & Gabbana
• Dragon
• Fendi
• Gargoyles
• Gucci • Guess
• Harley
• Juicy
• Kenneth Cole
• Killer Loop
• Liz Claiborne
• Locs
• Louis Vuitton
• Maui Jim
• Nautica
• Nike
• Prada
• Ralph Lauren
• Ray-Ban
• Revo
• Roxy
• Serengeti
• Smith
• Spy
• Versace
• Vogue

Their sunglasses come packaged in professional display boxes 12 pair per box. Do not need to have the hassle of finding a box to put the sunglasses already.

Some payment ways

They also gives you suggestions on where you can sell the sunglasses. Nice tips. Thanks CTS Wholesale.

Wholesale Sunglasses

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