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Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Mint credit cards

Need a credit card? Mint in partnership with Mastercard, brings you the Mint MasterCard. It is a credit card service that provides a great service which ranges from personal loans, Motor Insurance, Home Insurance and gift cards.

credit card offer

They charge 0% on balance transfers(Note: It only last until 1 October 2008), 0% on purchases (Note: This offer only last until 1 March 2008. They are charging a typical 14.9%APR.

The current offers on various credit card loan.

Mint Loan
Get 7.4% APR typical on personal loans of £7,500 to £14,999.

Motor Insurance
10% off your first year's Motor Insurance premium if you sign up online.

Home Insurance
15% off your first year's Home Insurance premium, sign up today.

Benefits of using Mint credit cards

# 24 hour MINT Customer Service
# Manage your account online
# Shop online securely with MINT Secure
# Up to 56 day interest-free period on purchases

The great 24 hour customer service ensures that you get help at any time of the day. The online service enables you to check your account online anytime anywhere. The 56 days buffer also enables you to pay your bills before they charge you interest on your loans. More then enough time.

Loan Rates

The loan rate is pretty low. At 7.4 APR for existing customers and 8.4 APR for new customers. Both get a loan credit of £7,500 to £14,999. Cannot decide your loan rate? Use their online loan calculator.

I do strongly recommend them for your first loan.

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