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Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Received my first payment and the first parade by the new specs

Today's firs parade by the new specs are quite tiring. We were doing push-ups in the blazing hot sun. To make things worse, I just had my Nafa test in the morning. My stomach muscles were half dead when I went home. It was even painful when I sneezed. OUCH!!! We learned more drills today then before. Our drills were also bushed up.

I also received my first payment for my blog post. My first donation post was also approved. I had donated $5 to HFH. WOOH!!!

Oh ya forgot to say that my banned blog had been unbanned!!! YEH!!!

And support the live earth campaign by turning off applications when they are not in use for the sake of our future generation although maybe I may not have kids. But who knows that the doom day might come faster then expected. Go to http://www.liveearth.org/ for more info. Remember do your little part for the earth that is facing serious Global warming.

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