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Friday, 6 July 2007

THe stupid PayPal officer that picked up my call

I called PayPal today and then ask them how to change my name in my account to chew jek hui. But the person that picked up was a soft specking china lady. She was so soft that I could not hear a damn thing. NVM. the worse part was she was like reading from a guidebook that tells her how to solve problem. She is totally new. Not I am looking down on China people but they also too STUPID to solve my problem. I do not believe that PayPal cannot access the database and change my name for me. Damn now also cannot transfer my funds!!! Luckily PayPerPost allow me to transfer my money through check!!!!

Luckily I bypassed the thing by creating another account and transfer the funds over. Sorry PayPal you create trouble for me I waste your Database space. TOO BAD. Solve the problem for me and then I will close that account.


Oh ya forgot to update about the Be yourself day. I wore the normal jeans and T-Shirt. While Hock Siong wore his sleeping attire to school. To be serious, Germaine Tng really look like my sis. LOL. We did the damn boring survey that asked if we liked the school. OF COURSE NOT!!!

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