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Thursday, 19 July 2007

Wire Club

Tired of using MSN and Yahoo Messenger to chat to your friend? Here is Wire Club to help you. It is the next generation of online chatting that you love with more then 1 solution under the house. Here are things that you can do in Wire Club. free chat rooms

You can chat free online
You can also create blogs
Create or join clubs
Meet online friends
And finally date people online

Creating a account is totally free. Here are the following clubs that you can join in Wire Club.

Things to do inside.', 0, 0)">Indoor Activities (163 clubs)

From designer labels to school clothes.', 0, 0)">Fashion (23 clubs)

Things to do outside.', 0, 0)">Outdoor Activities (49 clubs)

Your favorite foods.', 0, 0)">Food (4938 clubs)

From corporate giants to the local shop.', 0, 0)">Companies (11 clubs)

Where to go when we need to take a break.', 0, 0)">Travel (28 clubs)

From live acts to museums.', 0, 0)">Arts and Entertainment (21 clubs)

From house pets to man eating giants.', 0, 0)">Pets and Animals (14 clubs)

Clubs for people that will take over the world, and those who just want to watch.', 0, 0)">Business (21 clubs)

Both famous and otherwise.', 0, 0)">People (124 clubs)

Brand names, too many to list.', 0, 0)">Brands (4 clubs)

Keeping fit and healthy.', 0, 0)">Health and Fitness (13 clubs)

All things computers, from programming to web sites.', 0, 0)">Computers and Internet (29 clubs)

Your favorite sports.', 0, 0)">Sports (5526 clubs)

For the very fast and the very slow.', 0, 0)">Cars (23 clubs)

From alternative to mainstream.', 0, 0)">Lifestyle (63 clubs)

Your favorite games & video games.', 0, 0)">Games (4350 clubs)

Everything else.', 0, 0)">Other (155 clubs)

Television shows, popular and unpopular.', 0, 0)">Shows (5556 clubs)

Colleges, Universities and all other institutes of learning.', 0, 0)">Schools and Education (27 clubs)

Your favorite movies.', 0, 0)">Movies (7046 clubs)

The things you like more than anything.', 0, 0)">Passions (9977 clubs)

All styles and artists, for musicians and listeners.', 0, 0)">Music (8910 clubs)

What we really enjoy doing.', 0, 0)">Hobbies (8027 clubs)

Clubs for every place on earth.', 0, 0)">Places (48 clubs)

The books you will never forget.', 0, 0)">Books (6509 clubs)

Some of the more popular interest include the popular Football, Basketball CSI and definitely Sex.

You can join and connect with friends around the world.

United States Singapore Norway
Canada Puerto Rico Iraq
United Kingdom Thailand Hungary
India Netherlands Bahrain
Australia Jordan Croatia
Philippines Syria Finland
Nigeria Algeria Chile
Turkey Indonesia Qatar
Egypt Colombia Venezuela
South Africa Yugoslavia Switzerland
Pakistan Israel Yemen
Ghana Jamaica Cyprus
Malaysia Ethiopia Sudan
Senegal Argentina Bulgaria
Ireland Bangladesh Maldives
Morocco Belgium Korea, Republic Of
Italy Mauritius Tanzania
Mexico United Arab Emirates Slovakia
New Zealand Uganda Czech Republic
China Kuwait Dominican Republic
Brazil Portugal Georgia
Sri Lanka Trinidad And Tobago Bhutan
Russia Tunisia Bosnia And Herzegowina
Greece Poland Costa Rica
Germany Peru Bermuda
Spain Fiji Guam
France Austria Slovenia
Saudi Arabia Japan Virgin Islands (us)
Kenya Albania Namibia
Lebanon Denmark Barbados
Sweden Cameroon Afghanistan
Iran Ukraine Azerbaijan
Romania Nepal Belize

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