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Tuesday, 28 August 2007

New comment for my youtube Antec video review

I received a new comment on the Antec casing video review. Comment is Nice one mate. I have this case and I agree that it's fantastic. Commented by nivvie I also want to add the aero glass feel in my blog's template. Currently finding the blog template

I also want to set up a distributor to distribute computer parts. Can anyone suggest the name for it.

I also read a new article online that says that people are paid to have ads on their cars. I had through of that and also wanted my father to do that. My father agreed but now the problem is that I cannot find anyone to put ads on my father's car.

Mr. Katz, 32, of Manhattan, is one of the tens of thousands of motorists who have signed up to have their cars and trucks wrapped in advertisements in exchange for a stipend up to $800 a month.

I am only charging $400 a month NOT inclusive of the coast of the material

Current stats of my video reviews

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