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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

PC Tools' Firewall Plus blocking my traffic

My Firewall is blocking all my AVG Free update traffic, iTunes and IE7's internet traffic. I had to shut down the firewall in order to update my anti-virus. I even installed the brand new version and still cannot. Quite a number of people are getting this problem. Forums URL Here

I also customized my youtube background. Check it out at my youtube homepage
I also realized that my Casing video review attracts more views then the power supply review. The casing was added not long ago and then it attracts more views then the two video reviews that were up for a few days already.

Antec P182 Casing
Added: 23 hours ago
Views: 33

Antec NeoHE 500w Power Supply
Added: 4 days ago
Views: 17

Chewontech Starting Movie
Added: 4 days ago
Views: 15

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