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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Stop all the damn rumours la

Stop the damn rumors la. MZ confirm with Germs that she don't like me. So stop it. Oh ya 小猫 take care. My CA marks are like quite ok. My language is dropping while my other subjects are passing with flying colors. Weird

Yesterday was damn lame la. Asking all the AVA how to plug in the cables. And now I noe why the school no money. They change the entire VGA cable when a few pins are bend. Why can't they just bend it back? Waste school's resources. But the best partof the training was that they also included the 1 hour in our CIP/don't know what marks. Anyway got good to us can liao.

Oh ya the casing video review is also done. Check it out at chewontech.com

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