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Saturday, 11 August 2007

Talked to Vicky not long ago

I talked to Vicky not long ago. He updated me on what was happening at his area and I updated him about this year's NDP. We had a nice chat. He told me that they are learning about the computer stuff that we in Singapore would never get to study even in good school. He is also studying copyright laws!!! so Chim. He even told me that he saw people having ***** in the school compound.

He says that he might come over Singapore in Jan or December. This add is Location
Continent : Oceania/Australasia
Country : Australia (Facts)
State/Region : Victoria
City : Nunawading
Lat/Long : -37.8167, 145.1667 (Map)

Sorry Vicky, this is for my referance so that if next time I want to visit you, it would be easier for me


Created a forum thread in E3's forum. Do put suggestions to what we can do when he comes back

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