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Saturday, 4 August 2007

Thanks everyone

Thanks everyone. Thank you for congratulating me on my birthday. Wish to thank the following people like Mel, Mandy, Candies, Charlene, Shi Ying, MZ and Newsletters like 3DGameman, Wired Zune Forums, VR-Zone IT & Lifestyle Forum. If I had forgotten your name, remind me as my memory is not that good. Oh ya sorry MZ as my internet drop thus I could not respond to you before you signed out. In case I am not blogging next week, a advance happy birthday to germs and to National Day babies and definitely to Singapore. To make things more memorable, about 5 of my accounts which pays me to blog about them are being approved. Nice try.

The Day I am born

I am born on 4 August, 9.00am according to my mother while my sis was born at night.

The past achievement when I was 13

Brought my first domain name
Got 4 products for review
Exchanged ad space in return for software
Got paid for blogging
Etc Etc.....

Could not remember so many, shall stop here.

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