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Monday, 13 August 2007

What u wish that Google can do to grant your wish

Google is making the wishlist again. According to chewontech.com, they would like you to make comments and so that Google can improve their products


Google is requesting you do suggest what Google needs to do and what program you want Google to release.

Some of the most crazy ideas are

Google OS
No space limit on Gmail accounts
Cross platform apps
Gtalk for Mac
Google Anti-virus/Spyware/Adware/etc
Google to buy Wikipedia
Google Tasks
More free space in picasaweb
Cheap or free Online storage

Read more at http://www.chewontech.com/2007/08/what-do-you-want-google-to-do-in-2007.html

I requested this features

Able to have three column template option without have to edit the long HTML Code

Add a Newsletter that people can use to send their latest post in their own Blogger account

Have more good templates like the wordpress ones

Having a sub directory in my blogspot address.

Helping people who have own domain to create a subdomain through blogger

Email reports about my blog's PR in Google and who is linking to me

Challenge Yahoo by offering no space limit on Gmail accounts

Google providing free Internet access in Singapore. Attach a condition that the user has to visit Google's website a least once per day (Which people often do)

Comment here

Anyone finished their 河流 thing? Damn tough, don't noe what shit to do.

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