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Thursday, 27 September 2007

English exams

I wrote an record of for my English compo. Topics? Advantage and Disadvantage of the internet. My longest paragraph was about the part where you can use the internet to earn money. 200 over words. My blog also reached 200th post, quite an feat. Mostly are sponsored posts

Ok, from now onwards I am placing sponsored reviews of website on the date I reviewed it, because they are threating to ban me. To prevent people from reading it, the sponsored post would not contain any ads so if the post do not contain any ads, you can don't bother to read it.

Current status of my videos
Added 1 month ago
Views: 1,075
Comment: 6
Passed 1000 views!!!

Added: 4 weeks ago
Views: 96
Reaching the 100 views mark!!!!

Currently crushing CK!!!!!

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