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Saturday, 8 September 2007

My blog traffic passes 20,000 mark

My blog traffic has passed the 20 thousand visitor mark. Some improvement. In less then a year and then my two blogs so high.

I also realized that I do not really love expensive food but my sister likes expensive food. I tried bird nest and I hated it instantly. But my sis liked it. Nothing nice what. Add so much sugar or even worse honey to make it nice. Might as well drink sugar water or honey? My casing review also passed the 500 view mark. Nice. My uncle's com also spoiled. Sad, he wanted to add more RAM but instead there goes his computer. But it is a 3 year old computer. So can la time to upgrade to a Intel Duo Core or Intel Quad Core. But he might miss the AMD Quad Core. Maybe then it would be better because there would be a price fight.

My technorati ranking for Chewontech also jumped to 245,854

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Passed 500 views!!!

Added: 2 weeks ago
Views: 47
Is power supply so not attractive?????

Currently crushing CK!!!!!

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