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Thursday, 13 September 2007

Went to Mandy's house to do project today

Went to Mandy's house today to do project. Went 4 boys, 2 girls and 2 animals. Ok la don't tense already. Went with Kelvin, NJ, MZ, Mel, Mandy, Can, Goldfish. Upon reaching the house, we sat there for a while to wait for Mandy. After waiting for a while, I could hear Mandy's voice,as it was loud, and I knew she was here.

During the project, we watched the movie and then closed to slept. I already half sleeping into 30 mins of the movie. Don't really understand. NVM, then halfway through the movie, Man's sis came back, not surprisingly, the sis also like Man. Or worse then Man. Lots of fun during the movie. Special thanks to MZ who send me to Braddell MRT

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