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Sunday, 28 October 2007

Closing in to 300 posts already

My blog had came an long way and it is closing in to the 300 post mark. I know there are some sponsored post. Excluding the max 50 posts that are paid, it makes up to clsoe to 250 posts already. Finally got some PR when I checked today morning. PR of 2. Closing up to more and more so that I can take the posts that pays an cool $200 PER POST! With the max of 3 post a day, I already earned $600 per day! More then some people. Maybe I can retire before my parents like seriously. But I would never retire because I would be hell of a bored.

Current status of my videos

Added 2 month ago
Views: 1,921
Comment: 14
Passed 1500 views!!!

Added 1 month ago
Views: 152

Added 1 month ago
Views: 64
Comment: 1

Added: 4 weeks ago
Views: 162
Passed the 100 views mark!!!!

Currently crushing CK!!!!!

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