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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

I signed up for PPP!

Need a quick buck in the internet world, afraid of being scram by people ? Then I recommend PayPerPost. This company pays you to blog about things. They are not here to scam you. All you need is to have your blog approved and then you can post about things that are in the marketplace.

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What I love about them is that they have a very active bunch of users who bid for posts and they also have an very active forum.

More chances for earning money

They have much more opportunities for me then other blogging marketing companies like Smorty SponsoredReviews. Which means that you can earn more money then your peers who sign up for other blogging platform.


I love the user interface too. It allows me to customize the account. They also allow me to add my own picture.

What is required?

They allow lots of posts with even blogspot hosting. However, do note that a very good website with some Google PR would unlock a lot of opportunities

Some Great Features

They have lots of tools to let you earn money by referring people. They have tools like the referral program, the sign up form that you can place in your blog. The Review my post tool that pays people to sign up for PayPerPost and then blog about your blog post. PayPerPost would pay both of you $7.50 each. The best feature is the PayPerPost directs which allows advertisers to buy an review on your website and best of it, you can set your own pricing.

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