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Monday, 22 October 2007

My Com is offically close to dead

Hmm, my mouse and keyboard port in my motherboard is dead. Confirm hardware problem. Rebooted by hard method yesterday and the mouse problem came back again. Then one of the contest person say that my lighting is too dark. Hmm. How to I get the money to buy expensive lightning? Wait and see.

For those who are wanting to pickup Vicky, tell me and I might pick you guys up to the airport. However, if there is too many people, I might not take all of you as my father cannot drive so many people there. Maybe the best idea is to meet up somewhere and then we go from there.

My hotmail address book is also full. SHIT. Close to 1500 contacts. LOL. Tough. May need another account.

3 more days before we split up (Not counting the Promotion Day Holiday)

Current status of my videos

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Currently crushing CK!!!!!

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