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Monday, 29 October 2007

Review Exchange

Hi, I decided to have an review exchange program. The idea is simple. Just review my website and I would review yours too. It is that simple. The best part is that there is no deadline. As soon as you complete the review, you can email me at chew_jek_hui@chewontech.com.

What Would You Do?

1. Write a review (whether negative or positive) about this blog, from its design, topics, way of writing, bloggers behavior or anything you can say about this blog.

2. Title your post as Chewjekhui.Chewontech.com - A Freelance Blogger's Life

3. Within your post, publish a link to this post using the anchor text “Review exchange a Chewjekhui.Chewontech.com".

4. Send an email to chew_jek_hui@chewontech.com with the subject title at Review Exchange. CONTENT: URL: [the URL of the review you posted on your blog], Anchor Text: [the anchor text you want me to link back to you]

5. Wait for my reply informing you that I received your email.

6. Wait for my email informing you that I already posted my short review and link back to your blog.

What’s the advantage of joining this challenge?

1. Free short review about your blog.
2. Free backlink to your blog.

Start now.

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