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Sunday, 21 October 2007

Shall be missing the entire 2E3

Shall miss the entire 2E3 and we would be going to different classes soon. This friday means the end of the class together in a class room setting. Hmm, time flies. Next Year Sec 3 really must study already. Would be missing the following E3 students.

Amanda Yu
Emily Lim
Germaine Tng
Katherine Aw
Khine Susan
Lim Mei Jun
Germaine Lin
Serene Ng
Orgees Lydiana
Quek Huei Min
Sarah Chow
Dione Seah
Shahnas Affreen (Very smart person)
Su HaiYin
Melissa Tan (My Ex Seating Partner cum friend)
Tay Denise
Charlene Tee
Mandy Teo
Wan Yong Xin (Smart person too)
Yee Shu En
Han Tian Yang (Loud Speaker But now tone down liao)
Ho Mui Zhen (Business Partner)
James Chew (My Family Member)
Lai Wen Bin
Lee Hock Siong
Lee Jun Xian (Quiet guy)
Noel Png (One of my friends)
Teng Chion Kwan
Vincent Teo (Blur guy only good at maths)
Wuan Neng Jie (Hmm. NO Tech and NO $)
Nicole Yeong
Candies Sutanto
Kelvin Owen (Smart person)
Shin Ming Jung
Lay Pagnarith

Source: 2E3 Class Blog. Anyone not listed here not my fault. Because I am not the one doing the class list in the class blog. Vicky is also coming back. Any plans for him? I double check details with Vicky and then tell all of you and see if you all want to have a party for him or what. I am confirm going to Changi to pick him up when he comes to Singapore. And are all of you willing to invite him to the class chalet.

Oh ya also having a survey program which pays you $40 per survey. Anyone interested contact me. Would double check with my friend on the details.

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