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Thursday, 1 November 2007

Some irritating stuff going around

Just some stuff I hate that so happens to me today.I was doing my normal PayPerPost stuff and reserved the post. But when I finished the post and submitted the post for review, it says that the post had been reserved. Oh man why so unlucky. So unlucky. But the good thing that followed by was that I managed to get a $7.00 post. Happened to be several times and I am fed up. But I had send a support ticket to them.
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Then I just happen to pop by Meow's blog and saw that she got the virus and had to change her password. It reminds me of the fishing scam that someone target me. I foolishly clicked on it as I had place an auction on eBay and thought that someone asked me a question. Then I found out that the IP address was wrong and I had problems logging in to my account. I had since changed my password. That guy was smart. He targeted me at the right time as I let my guards as I was running an auction. Normally I go not even bother to read it. This still shows that people like me still fall into traps as we let our guards down. I had since passed the information to eBay.

Arr keep forgetting my labels. Happy Halloween in advance.

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