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Thursday, 25 October 2007

Unlocked my next method of revenue

I unlocked my next level of revenue. Getting paid to upload videos. But my daily takings for the paid blogging is dropping. Don't know why. I suspect it is due to the upcoming holidays so the advertisers also want a break. To show about how much I am earning, I wrote a total of 60 posts and 47 posts had been approved. The rest are pending. So just imagine the amount of money I earn. Excluding close to $40 donated to the charity. Anyone need help I can help for a small one time off fee or a cut in your earnings.

I also added the music video at the left of the sidebar. The dimensions is 250 by 260. Just fit the sidebar. Tell me if you want it to be any bigger.

Oh ya the survey thing those who do not contact me I take it as you not interested liao hor. I tell my friend already hor.

Current status of my videos

Added 1 month ago
Views: 1,851
Comment: 14
Passed 1500 views!!!

Added 1 month ago
Views: 149

Added 1 month ago
Views: 48
Comment: 1

Added: 4 weeks ago
Views: 156
Passed the 100 views mark!!!!

Currently crushing CK!!!!!

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