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Wednesday, 3 October 2007

What I think about Britney.

With the release of the new song, Givememore, I feel that she is the modern day pornstar. Just look at the video of her new video la, she is like selling her body. Lol. Lucky, she did not win the rights to keep her child, if not she would corrupt her child.

There is also another funny version of this song video.


Oh ya now I added an widget that allows you to get paid by reviewing my current post.

Might do up my entire Tech Talk website and then get some PR for the Tech Talk and for the personal blog to unlock my next level of income.

Halo 3 update

I saw some videos about the Halo 3. It says that you can take out out the weapons in Halo. Which means you can use any weapons. Cool. There are also a lot of new weapon.

Current status of my videos

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Passed 1000 views!!!

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Passed the 100 views mark!!!!

Currently crushing CK!!!!!

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