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Wednesday, 7 November 2007

The $50 Review Philaahzophy Contest!

Attention everyone, here is an chance to win some money from Philaahzophy. And a $1 instant win from Philaahzophy when your blog post appear in Technorati's blog post reaction to Philaahzophy

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Here are the contest rules

The Prizes-

* Random Draw - $50 payable via PayPal (or check to those without PayPal accounts)
* Best Review - $25 payable via PayPal (or check to those without PayPal accounts)
* Instant Win! - $1 payable via PayPal (or check to those without PayPal accounts)

The Contest-

I’ve tried to make things both interesting and simple at the same time. All you need to do to enter is write a 100+ word review of Philaahzophy (the blog or the philosophy presented here) on your blog. You must include at least two links:

1. http://www.philaahzophy.com - Anchor text: Anarchy Money Making Blog
2. A trackback (or pingback) to this post

That’s all there is to it. No need for the review to be positive as long as it’s honest and at least somewhat useful to your readers (and/or myself). The point here isn’t so much to generate traffic or advertise Philaahzophy as to get constructive feedback from other bloggers on what I’m doing here.

Prize Details-

Every entry will be assigned a number and at the end of the contest I will have Z draw a number out of a hat. The person whose number is selected will win the $50 prize.

Additionally, I will be reading all of the entries (of course), and the best review, in my sole opinion, will receive the $25 prize.

Instant Win! - Every review that generates a “blog reaction” link at Technorati will receive $1 via PayPal. In order to claim this $1 Instant Win prize you must email me (philaahzophy(AT)gmail(DOT)com) with your PayPal address and the name of your blog at Technorati so I can confirm.

Yes, you may win more than one prize.

Yes, you may enter from more than one blog, but the reviews should be substantially different.

The Deadline-

This contest will end in roughly 5 weeks, at midnight (PST) Saturday November 17th

The contest url is here at Philaahzophy

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