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Tuesday, 20 November 2007

I am ahead of my peers

I feel that I am ahead of my peers. Some things that make me feel this way
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1. I read Business Books earlier then them. Much earlier. At a age of 12, I picked up mainly books on how companies started. Then i proceeded to the more in dept books like 101 reasons why you should buy Warren Buffett's share.

2. I understand the value of money earlier then them. I have to thank my parents for this. They only gave me $2 per day as pocket money. This amount was unchanged since I was in primary school. They had "starved" me and made me plan my finances very well. This had made me what I am today. Earning money via the internet to feed my money craving. Although I hardly spend any money.

3. I am investing while they are making money. Hmm, this is not boastful. But it is true. I worked earlier then them. I am working from home so I have the flexibility. So that means that I can work even if I am not around. Some methods of earning money is passive income and active income. Passive income is my Tech Talk and My Life websites and examples of active income is the paid blogging and then upcoming investment methods.

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