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Thursday, 8 November 2007

Some great news and bad news

I went to open the letterbox today and saw my ReviewMe payment via the letterbox. It was the cheque. I did not realize my method of payment until I checked my ReviewMe account. I had since changed it to PayPal payment to save the paper. The reviews that I hate are the dating sites review, they pay me little for lots of words. It is like $5 for 400 words. I regarded bidding for it.
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The bad news is that I had yet to receive me Google Adsense pin from my letterbox. It says that it is going to take 2-4 weeks before the letter arrives. Had Google thought of delivering the money via PayPal? It is an suggestion to save the trees. I better receive it soon if not they would ban my account 6 months after I had not entered the pin. Finally my blogging efforts are paid off. Whew

Here is the picture of the cheque

ReviewME Cheque Short

ReviewMe with Me

ReviewMe Cheque

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