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Saturday, 10 November 2007

Went for NCC CIP today

I went for the NCC CIP program today. It started at 7.45am. So early. It was an nice was hoping to sleep for a longer time. Had no choice. Anyway, the reporting strength of Part B was pathetic. DP went for house warming. Only 4 people went to report for this program. Then we went to the jetty and seat on the bum boat to PB.
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Upon reaching there, we walked from the jetty to the "Bench" The "Bench was so small. I think it was high tide. So little area to clean. The worse part is that they did not even provide gloves. It was quite tough to even pick up the rubbish. Then we played games after like so short after the CIP. We did a short CIP session only.

We won a few times during the Tug-Of-War. We won once with the Specs but they say they were not prepared. So we did it again and we were dragged. Then there was once that we were close to losing but as they said 1, 2, 3, we dragged them back and finally won.

We went the longer route back home, the super muddy now! My entire shoe is dirty and now I have to wash it again. Mr Chan also took a video of us. I wonder of he would post in on youtube

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