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Monday, 3 December 2007

Freestyle drill course Day 1

Day 1 of the course was a bit of ok. We started with the intro of the three americans. Then the stupid guy sitting beside me cannot behave himself. Keep on criticizing everyone's speech. Pissing me off. NVM who cares
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We learned the following command

Right Face. Turn Right

Left Face. Turn Left

About Face. Turn backwards

Something (I Forgot) Halt. Means stop marching.

Left March. Turn 90 degrees left

Right March. Turn 90 right

That was all. Their standard not very high. Because that is what we had learned but their's more relaxed version. Had lots of time to read books there.

I think this whole week cannot make it to the hospital to visit my grandfather already. Because I finish at 6.30pm. Sure cannot make it there in time one. Cos Visiting hours end at 8pm. Sian. Sry to my grandfather in advance. Cannot make it to visit him. I heard he miss me and he did not really eat today cos I was not there.

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