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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Goodbye 2007

Lets make a special post tonight, I shall post this post with completely no ads, The way you all had been yearning for, because it is specially for you guys whom read my blog so often with all the ads and everything. Ok, this blog post might take a lot of your time if you really read it. I started composing this blog post at 11.00PM.

What I did in 2007?

There are just too many things that happen in my life for 2007. it is hard to list them all out, but this is some of the things that I can remember.

Got the attention of Nokia

Got my first product for review

Got the attention of Sony

Got the attention of Thermaltake

Got into the top 2 classes for next year

Attended the Freestyle drills course

Talked to the principal and vice principal for business related issues

Went to SLH for so many times

Struggles like mad just to get into the top two classes

Earned my first thousand from the internet

My first time taking a lot of cabs. Mainly due to SLH, had to go with my grandmother in a taxi as my uncles are afraid she might fall.

Meet up with adults for PR issues

Held my first ChewOnTech contest

Did a total of 15 video reviews and 5 written reviews

ChewOnTech soared to a new height

Got more personal with my grandfather and grandmother then ever before

What I am hoping for next year

What I am hoping next year is something simple, that I had already yearned for for a long time

To get richer

Help my grandfather to stand up

Get ChewOnTech to soar to another height

To get more products for review

To get good grades

To complete my PSL with not much difficulty- I am taking the N class next year, so might have some problem.

I think that is all, wishing everyone a happy new year ahead. I just finished listening to 987fm's countdown and I was so surprised that such an old song could be number one. Hoping to complete the sec 1 camp ASAP and hopefully with no hiccups. May my and your wishes and dream come true.

Oh ya, just remembered, it is the 100th post of Dec and it is post 543

Finished at 11.11PM. Posted at 00.00AM 1 Jan 2008!!!

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