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Tuesday, 11 December 2007

iPod Touch

Do you want to win the iPod Touch? Then you better read this blog post. If you miss this blog post, you might miss your only chance on winning the iPod touch.
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For bloggers that own a blog, you can enter by following these simple steps:
1. Create a blog post about Filelime.com and the ipod touch contest. The post should be a minimum of 100 words and should contain a link back to Filelime and this contest page to be eligible. Your post can be a postive or negative review of Filelime, and should mention the contest we have running here.

2. Submit your blog post link via our form below. Make sure to include your name, email and link to your post.

3. Once you’ve submitted, you’re done! You are now entered to win an ipod touch! We will choose the winner randomly. You may enter another review, but from a different blog which will increase your entries and chances of winning. 1 review per blog.

Other rules to note:
• USA or international blogs allowed, as long as the post is the right format
• You may submit 1 review per blog. If you blog it on different blogs you increase your entry amount and your chances of winning.
• You must link to our website, Filelime, and link to this contest page to be eligible for entry.
• Post must be a minimum of 100 words.
• Winner will be contacted via email, and the winner will be posted here.

The contest page is here

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