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Friday, 28 December 2007


If anyone is reading this blog post and is a PPP member, I highly suggest you remove your blog from PPP NOW!!! If you still have some PR there, you better remove it, because I am feeling the heat now. I was a strong supporter of PPP until this day. Shall explain later in this blog post
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First of all, it is no longer good to join PPP. The main real is simple, you would not get much opps even when you have a very good PR for your blog in their directory. The reason is simple, too many bloggers are vying for the particular blog post. The worse part is that Google is removing the PRs of some blogs which are registered in PPP. Even after Realrank was introduced, advertisers still preferred PRs. And now with the PRs removed, it is now affecting the rest of the paid blogging sites that you have blogs registered to. One program bringing your entire website down. That is not good news. A lot of people are asking me for the secret formula to retaining my PR for ChewOnTech, and the biggest formula is not to add the main website ChewOnTech to PPP's directory. Luckily, I did not fall for the small money that I might be able to earn from PPP for ChewOnTech.

Second of all, the money you earn from PPP just sucks, it is like $5 for a 300W post and people still getting the blog posts. It just sucks, Smorty pays more for one blog post with lesser word requirements.

Thirdly, getting your money out of PPP takes 30 days. It is not comparable to Smorty and SR where they pay you faster and if you are banned and remove from their database for no reasons, the money you earned would not be paid. MEANING, PPP TAKES ALL YOUR MONEY!!! The 30 days must be taken so that PPP can earn more money as what happens in 30 days can be a lot.

Some ways to get back your PR

1. Remove your blog from PPP: Removing it from PPP is the immediate solution. Google would then be able to see that you are out of PPP, as PPP requires you to have disclosure for all your posts.

2. Change to another blog url: For example, if your blog url is http://www.chewjekhui.chewontech.com, change it to http://www.jekhui.chewontech.com.

3. Spread the word: Once you spread the word, people would thank you and relink you to your blog post

PPP just sucks, don't let PPP allow Google to take your PR. Spread this article around, copy it, Digg It, Slashdot IT, Share on Facebook. I do not care, just so long that your friends do not lose their PR because of PPP

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TheCuso said...

and that thing about refferals... i have like 10 and didnt got payed for them...

that sux... i might take it down...

Karen Johnson said...

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